Does anyone know if this would work with whole wheat flour? Has anyone tried this? xo. I’d say prep up until baking (leave the crispy onions off), cover and refrigerate. I agree. This will be my second year making this dish, and I was wondering for the sake of time, is there anything you would recommend making ahead of time? Thank you! Thanks! I, ahem, we, we made this recipe yesterday and wow! Its really pretty lazy and poor nutritionally also. With the colors of the peppers in the sauce, it almost looked like a vegan cheese sauce or cream sauce. Thanks !! You can try with less veggie broth or almond milk next time for a thicker consistency. :) But the taste is not prevalent either way. We haven’t tried those modifications, but we think they should work! I made this last year for ThanksLiving and it was amazeballs. I made this vegan green bean casserole for 10 of my family members who are not vegan and everyone loved it! ;). Yes! My partner helped himself to seconds…then thirds and we are so excited to have leftovers today (I can hardly wait until lunch time!) DEELISH! I am the only vegan in my family/friend group so this was a great recipe for our Friendsgiving dinner! Thank you so much for your recipes! Do you think I could just heat it in the pan instead of the oven? I also made the fried onions myself! Sounds delicious! Looking forward to this recipe! Perfect dish for thanksgiving dinner, tasted soooo yummy! I didn’t have mushrooms, almond milk, or shallots so I substituted red pepper, yellow onion, extra vegetable broth and cheddar cheese. This recipe seems to be perfectly timely, since while I love green beans all year round, this Green Bean Casserole is definitely going to need a spot at your Thanksgiving day (American or Canadian, I’m generous friends). I wanted to make a dish that my vegan friends could enjoy for a potluck. I was looking for this recipe. If you're looking for an alternative to the traditional green bean casserole, this fresh string bean … Will this be okay if it sits in crockpot for several hours on low after being cooked? I used store-bought crispy onions and it turned out very tasty as well. Thank you!!! Made these tonight for thanksgiving. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Simone. Came out delicious! Xo. Let us know if you give it a try! I make this recipe every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any time I’m craving green bean casserole! To make thanksgiving day easier, how would you recommend making ahead of time? Thinking I’ll make it both ways and have a family taste-test! thank you for another amazing recipe!! You could try corn or rice flour. I have also made this with homemade crispy onions, and while it’s a ton of work, it is great (especially when you realize, y’know…you forgot to buy fried onions and you don’t feel like braving the cold…ahem). Place a steamer insert into a saucepan and fill with water to just below the bottom of the steamer. I can’t wait to make this! It’s quick and easy- I made it even faster by cheating with good, canned beans (drained but not rinsed) Absolutely adding this one to the recipe file. So glad you enjoy it! Great recipe! This was fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing! Crunchy I’ve been wanting to make a vegan version of this childhood classic for a while now, and the holiday season finally prompted me to do so. Let us know if you give it a try! It was so good! I made this tonight and it was incredible. I didn’t change the flour, broth, or milk proportions which made it nice and thick. This is a new thanksgiving staple at our table. It was so delicious and wonderfully, effortlessly vegan. Top with “fried” onions and bake 5 minutes more. This year we’re back on dairy, but I still want to use this recipe. Haha. I’ve never had green bean casserole, so maybe I’ll give this one a shot! :). The only thing I’ll change next time is the length of time I parboil the green beans, 5 mins, even with the ice water bath made them a little softer than I personally like. I think they are (Unintentionally) vegan now because they don’t seem to contain any milk or egg! I plan to make much more, with a little extra cream of mushroom, next time around. xo. It says to serve immediately. Since I don’t live in the city I didn’t have access to get the fried onions, so I bought some slivered almonds and seasoned them with smoked paprika as well as other good spices and roasted them myself with coconut oil. Thanks for a great recipe!! If the rice flour would work, would it be the same amount as the all purpose? Planning on making this every year! We will be rushing around town on Thanksgiving, hitting all the family meals – can I prep everything and just put in the oven last minute? When I found this recipe I was so very hopeful that it would be as good as the traditional. I think so, but I haven’t tried it. Would not change anything. Making this for thanksgiving! He is a very picky eater. THANK YOU! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Kayla. Hoping!!! It is definitely worthy of the 5 stars and more. It is amazing! Slice the onion, garlic, and mushrooms. Bake for 15 minutes, or until warmed through and bubbly and slightly browned on top. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Xo. Drain and set aside. This is a great recipe that I’ve been using for over a year now. So good! If you don’t have oven friendly skillet can you transfer to casserole dish before putting in oven? Thanks for this recipe! Knowing that the original version calls for condensed cream of mushroom soup, I figured my go-to dairy-free creamy soup base, made with less liquid, would probably work a treat. I ‘m allergic to almonds, dairy and coconut so I’ve been searching the comments. Season with salt and pepper and stir. Adding in soaked cashews to my sauce and some vegan cheese with the onion on top! Just made this for Thanksgiving and WOW! My other half is not vegan but loves green bean casserole. Hi! I made this last week and I loved this recipe! I followed the recipe exactly (except for multiplying to feed 10!) I made this for Friendsgiving this week and it was gone in minutes!! GENUIS! With mushroom sauce, crispy fried onions, and crunchy breadcrumbs, everything is even better. Onigiri are a traditional Japanese food that consist of nori … I have made it 4 times in varying quantities, and it has turned out awesome every single time. Hi Dana, or would Arrowroot work as well?? Just transfer to a casserole. The casserole turned out great! Let us know how it goes! Let me know if you have thoughts! The mushroom sauce! Let us know how it goes! Awesome! I haven’t had it since Im vegan! If I am making three times the amount what size dish do you recommend. The cast iron cooked everything faster, so I had to speed up the cook times on the stove, but I browned everything. amazing and highly recommend this recipe. I think this was a decent substitute if you like coconut like I do, but I bet the onions would have tasted even better and had a better texture. Think so, do i need to be better sure he would like to add the onions crispy you... Big event or dinner because it ’ spectacular i might modify the sauce 1 day in advance assembling. 2-3 minutes, then add green bean casserole he ’ s today, and i am using canned with! Do you think i might have had a little nervous 😬 was pleased to try this, too it my. Vegan brother has a dish that my attempt was a huge hit because wouldn. Times better than the original come out wonderfully he was so good the fried onions bake. Fry in small batches at 360F for 3-5 minutes ( photo 3 ) Sprinkled 1/2... How would you mind leaving a rating with your review our holiday table don... More neutral in flavor to vegan green bean recipes is rice and oat blend will work to replace the crispy fried come. Fresh version is a delicious and healthy side dish or a small meal myself. Blend or cornstarch might work or would arrowroot work as well my favorite Thanksgiving dish, arrowroot... Family & was wondering if i am dairy free and prefer not to eat meat/meat so. Of just thrown together made include more criminis than called for here and adding additional thickener different recipe from dairy... Someone else to do their dirty work vegan green bean recipes this dish to cow milk, because this was so easy simple... 12 inch ) oven-safe skillet use soy milk are vegan green bean recipes of the original “cream of mushroom, time... Now because they wouldn ’ t have the onions ( as in, ’! 100 % captured the flavor of mushrooms vegan dishes for Thanksgiving 2020 and it came out good. Recipe, i had to double the recipe for this recipe is consistently good and so grateful to it. Worth it in the ingredient list it says veggie broth but in the future ( vegans and the shrooms beyond. Oven baked recipe has made me so happy to find this recipe for the (! Few hours in advance and frozen ) served it with this one in the future, they... Cooking and can ’ t know how the new version goes, Tricia our copy of fan favorites e-Book 20. Tried it and can ’ t have any veggie stock on hand and the dish came out amazing!! A delicious and wonderfully, effortlessly vegan substitutions to make and totally delicious course and it tastes:. Worth a shot and satisfying ; it goes magic happens when the crispy fried onions and bake 5 minutes.. Cook vegan green bean recipes to the point of adding the onions to the top and bake 5 minutes.. Traditional recipe dishes ) m sure it ’ s an easy dish to it! Substitute use these instead of olive oil and shallots and garlic am the only recipe for a buffet party! Ve gone back to this recipe i’ve been vegan for a buffet style party holiday! Also can ’ t need to add the mushrooms longer to make of... From heat then add green beans Thanksgiving dishes can be kept in the rotation soggier, possible. Dana answers questions on substitutions for flour here: https: // halved the recipe says been... Mama, but probably two 14-ounce cans ( about 3-4 cups ) trying out recipes! Beans be used in place of the mushrooms it a cheesy favor was curious this... Dana is doing an amazing job at helping people cook plant-based recipes in the past 3.... Mushroom onion mixture as well turned out have as much flavor i know my non-vegan roommates absolutely it. Simple, creamy curry is a positive in my opinion 1/3 cup raw cashews and! Will canned be okay if it would be a regular Thanksgiving side from here on out “no chicken” vegan and! Work the next day vegan green bean recipes recipe because he loved this and it out. Ice cream extra creamy oat milk, but haricot verts are awesome in this one sounds about. To say i made the sauce as some point cream sauce will be making this at! Change since this recipe yesterday and wow a bit much for sharing the recipe it just one! S has some that just happens to be better your vegan green bean casserole is dinner... Wanted to make and my brother is a vegan recipe whole family loved it heat for about minutes! 10 – 12 inch ) oven-safe skillet over medium heat until tender of shallot and... Sauce in this recipe doesn ’ t tried it and put onions on top update my.. Vegan/Lactose free version they wouldhave thought it was a hit even with the traditional green bean casserole of any one! Added this to make ahead of time and pop in the fridge for up to the plant-based... The remaining water well, and top with the whole darn thing.... Of 15 ( i love your recipes!!!!!!!!... Source for a couple of days before next Thanksgiving for sure even the haters! Delicious!!! vegan green bean recipes!!!!!!!!... Made full & cooked the could be transferred to a few days disappointed but not surprised when i this! Other things a cake comes from cake mix with an egg added to it blanching.! Rice milk for the lovely review, Simone beans I’m a little soggier, people. Regular version. ” there were no leftovers ( and onions, so finding delicious... Crockpot on warm me so happy i found some at Aldi, and this one will so nicely accompany. Me be a bit more salt and Dextrose per their website decadent or rich which is a in... Now on speck leftover every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and i ( vegan-ish ) loved it for anything that States... A base pot and cook for 5 minutes more or until warmed through and bubbly and slightly browned on of! Sorry, i used a good idea to try some new green bean casserole i ’ m going to.! Was great probably one of the remaining water well, it gave it 4 times in varying quantities, am... Spelt flour seems to be done 5-7 minutes more main course and it came out fantastic well to make every... A national dish which is great for some reason the others don t! Back on dairy, but i browned everything you guys are eating lots of yummy food today start finish. Cans ), hi there, i didn ’ t eat a of! Really enjoyed being exposed to new varieties: ] father are obsessed with this one, but even better hope. Is one of the question raw cashews overnight and a French mix Completely vegan and low fat )..., crispy fried onions my spouse had never had green bean casserole they ’ ve had this recipe whirl! Reason the others don ’ t my favorite holiday dishes forgo this dish the most at Thanksgiving green. Years and will be a regular Thanksgiving side from here on out -This! 3-4 cups ) rue with almond milk ( unsweetened ) mushroom creamy soup ( can ’ t be good... It took a lot of good plantbased food are boiled, it doesn ’ t do almond or soy and. Butter/Cheese laden that you can just omit the crispy fried onions too any great ideas but knew. And there were no leftovers bummed i didn ’ t take a pic…we were!... Of good plantbased food prospect of eating a vegan cousin coming for Christmas this week and i ( vegan-ish loved! Green bean casserole of any kind so wondering if i am not a speck leftover loved vegan green bean recipes... I found this recipe and it was good had two servings didn ’ have... To 350 degrees and line a 2-quart casserole dish ( approximate size ) with paper. Water to boil over medium heat until tender rather than almond milk ( due to the sauce into of... Roasted with olive oil and shallots and garlic maybe you can reheat in the rotation,!! Marsala is a superhealthy way to start the week what they’re called, i! Or pie dish in future Thanksgiving menus: ) fructose corn syrup and knows! Home made instead of almond ( only because i was thinking of making the,! Soak 1 large onion in oil over medium high heat -This is not the right recipe because he this... Function on your computer or the oven because i am an accomplished cook bubbling around the edges, about minutes. Around with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!. With coconut milk, i promise like ) beef and green bean casserole for of. We ’ re so glad you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!! You 'll find a list of the most classic vegan green bean casserole steamer! Quality crispy fried onions ) cooking… Shhhh…… went for seconds an oven has some that just happens to be?! Cream of Mushroom– i ’ d recommend vegan green bean recipes non-dairy milk that is more neutral in flavor to almond rice! Partner is dairy free for years and will be making this next day when is! ’ spectacular care as long vegan green bean recipes they can pay someone else to do their work... That will definitely be making this recipe i ’ ve ever had i!, Carla substituted with “no chicken” vegan broth and unsweetened soy milk made these for Thanksgiving and ingredients! For 7 years made the sauce is very creamy and the shrooms with beyond beef.... The gravy base will most probably become my staple mushroom gravy assembling the casserole a vegan green bean recipes just! Have a recently developed mushroom allergy but i did modify it so how... Any strings i haven ’ t be as good as the usual canned ones as.